Investment Portfolio

Current Investments

Mine Vision Systems   |   2018 - Current

Mine mapping is essential as mines are constantly shifting in subtle and unpredictable shifts. Mine Vision Systems’ integrated sensor and data capture software system is transforming the way data is captured inside an underground mine in order to best assure miner safety. Smart technology replaces the traditional methods of surveyors and tripods by capturing, computing and delivering 3D Geo-Spatial data of underground mines in real time.

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Ecoremedy   |   2017 - Current

Ecoremedy provides the world’s world’s most advanced and versatile platform for energy and nutrient recovery from organic waste. The Ecoremedy Fluid Lift Gasification process handles industrial volumes of the world’s most challenging feedstocks including agriculture animal waste and municipal sludge and sewage. Ecoremedy systems deliver proven volume reduction, nutrient conversion, and energy recovery to municipal, industrial, and agricultural projects worldwide. Superior to competing technologies whose waste-to-energy process results in unusable waste products that require further handling, the Ecoremedy® Agriculture-to-Energy and Biosolids-to-Energy solutions result in a highly concentrated, nutrient-rich by-product with multiple applications that are both beneficial to the environment and beneficial to bottom-line economics.

The investment is in the beginning phases, but follows the RVC recipe for success that Kent has utilized with many others. Morrisville, Pennsylvania will be first municipal waste operation using Ecoremedy with plans of going live in Spring 2019.

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Tesoro Commons   |   2016 - Current

Tesoro Commons, LLC, located in Port St. Lucie, FL, is a 30,000 square foot Class A office building located directly outside the master-planned Tesoro Club community. It is the ideal property for Corporate Headquarters or Medical Facility with immediate access to Florida’s turnpike and I-95. Situated on a more than 5 acre parcel, a 10,000 square foot expansion has been planned. Acquired in 2017, recent renovations include a new dedicated private property entrance, the entire building envelope has been sealed and painted, significant landscaping upgrades with over 2,250 plants and 40,000 square feet of sod, new irrigation system and restored and re-striped parking lot asphalt with abundant parking.

Port St. Lucie was recently recognized as the 4th fastest Real Estate Market in the US.

Windber Associates, LLC   |   2004 - Current

Windber Associates, LLC is a one-story manufacturing/warehouse facility that was acquired in 2004. Located in Windber, PA the structure was built in 1968 on a 8.5 acre site and further located in Somerset County, the heart of the beautiful Laurel Highlands. Recent renovations to the building include a new roof on 40% of the facility as well as upgrades to the parking lot. The building is leased by an international defense/medical contractor.

ExOne   |   2007 - Current

services to industrial customers worldwide. The ExOne® process, which utilizes Binder Jetting technology with industrial materials, gives traditional manufacturers an opportunity to reduce costs, lower the risk of trial and error and create opportunities for design innovation. Being able to reduce tooling and ignite rapid prototyping, this is a golden opportunity for businesses to be inventive and get products to market faster with less expense.

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Appalachian Timber Services   |   1988 - Current

ATS produces high quality treated and manufactured products for railroads, transit agencies, railroad contractors, mining and heavy industry primarily serving the Appalachian Corridor region, from Eastern Canada to South Carolina, and Indiana to the East Coast. Located in the heart of West Virginia's prime hardwood timber-growing region, and served by local sawmills, ATS is always ready to provide exceptional manufactured and treated wood products mainly for railroad applications.

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Past Investments

GTMAC   |   1987 - 2019

Convention Tower is a unique commercial office building in downtown Pittsburgh's Cultural District. It features customized spaces, inviting views and a friendly atmosphere all in a historic building surrounded by many of downtown's most vibrant amenities. A part of the Penn-Liberty Historic District, Convention Tower is actually two conjoined towers featuring Victorian and early twentieth-century commercial architectural styles. The first tower was built in the late 1800's and the adjoining tower was added in 1912. Pickering’s department store was the buildings first tenant and today it hosts tenants in a wide range of fields from marketing to inclusive workforce development.

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Puris   |   2013 - 2017

Puris LLC is a producer of titanium powder for additive manufacturing. Founded in 2014 and based in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia, the company’s rigorous process and quality standards minimize contamination risks through a combination of innovative technology and processes to produce the world’s purest titanium powder.

Puris is an example of seizing an opportunity and truly helping solve another’s problem. RVC bought the company out of back bankruptcy and rebuilt the business with a better foundation. An RVC contact from AstroTech was brought in to help make the titanium powder more cost effective. RVC turned the company around in just three years and it was sold to Carpenter Technology in 2017.

ProGrass   |   2001 - 2016

ProGrass Synthetic Turf Systems, headquartered in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, provides the nation’s finest synthetic turf solutions for every level of performance demands. ProGrass provides synthetic turf customer solutions that include product development, design build, project management, construction, installation and proactive maintenance. The product was rigorously tested to ensure it met the highest standards for qualities such as shock absorption, abrasion, traction, torsion, and ball behavior — all important factors for player safety and performance.

ProGrass was acquired by AstroTurf in 2016.

Argon ST   |   2004 - 2010

Argon ST is a leading provider to the U.S. government of C4ISR and combat systems, supplying them with the information to intercept communications in order to make timely, critical decisions. Whether on the surface ships, submarines, aircraft, airborne-remote or land-based platforms — Argon ST products span the spectrum. After a few successful years with Kent as vice chairman, the company was sold to Boeing.

Argon ST is the result of the success of SenSyTech and Kent hearing the Argon Engineering CEO speak. Argon was a much larger company in a field related to SenSyTech, Inc. a defense and intelligence business. Kent saw mutual benefits and approached the Argon CEO and talked about the two companies. Argon ST came to fruition a year later.

Strata Proximity Systems   |   2003 - 2010

Strata Proximity manufactures proximity detection and collision avoidance systems for mining applications. The detection and collision avoidance system is designed to increase safety awareness and prevent accidents by detecting when a person or vehicle enters a specifically marked area around operating machinery. When this zone is breached, the system emits an audible and visual warning alarm and can be interfaced to automatically slow or stop the machinery.

Sensytech   |   1998 - 2004

SenSyTech specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of electronics and technology products for U.S. defense and intelligence markets. Following the events of September 11th, 2001, a lead SenSyTech solution, telephone intercept technology, came in immense demand by federal law enforcement searching for the world’s most dangerous criminals. It ignited SenSyTech’s success — and the company couldn't even talk about.

At the time of initial investment the company was in need of a new business strategy to reinforce its sound technology. RVC took over the daily business responsibilities and was able to make Sensytech a successful business through recapitalization and a merger with struggling Detroit, Michigan company that complemented the existing business. SenSyTech was acquired in 2004 by Argon Engineering Associates, Inc., in a reverse merger transaction.

Research Plaza, LLC   |   1993 - 2016

Located in Durham, North Carolina, this building was utilized by the U.S. General Services Administration to house services that helped to manage and support the federal government. The GSA occuppied the building for over 20 years. It was a simple building with a few extra features such as a sound and fire proof room used for secure meetings.

Strata Products   |   1992 - 2010

Strata Products is a global provider of technologies that promote safety in the mining and energy sectors. Strata products include secondary underground roof supports, proximity detection and collision avoidance systems, wireless communications, tracking and gas detection and emergency refuge chambers.

During the course of the RVC investment period the company pursued growth by acquisition of other mining technologies which led to the further investment in Strata Proximity Systems. This innovative technology accelerated the growth of Strata Products into a leader in mining safety products and systems globally. The company grew from one employee in 1992 to over 500 by 2005.

AstroTech International   |   1987 - 1997

Astrotech International Corporation manufactures packaging products and services. The Company provides above-ground storage tanks, as well as renders inspection, engineering, construction and maintenance services.

In the early 80’s AstroTech International was positioned to become a leader in America's space program which was planned to be privatized by the government. However, following the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986, the company lost strategic stability and suffered major losses when President Reagan reversed the space privatization initiative. RVC partnered with AstroTech and liquidated its aerospace assets in order to pivot into the oil field industry before being sold in 1997.